Stjepan Grgic

Designer, developer, illustrator, photographer.
This is my honest resume.


My name is Stjepan Grgic. I am a designer who loves to code, take photos, draw... Lately, I have been focusing on interaction and experience design areas. There, I can be creative with everything I love to do.
I can draw and visualize my thoughts and ideas quickly. I take a lot of photos, that was essential for my understanding of light, color and all principles of great design.
When I code, I feel powerful because I can prototype interactions and animations and ultimately build anything I can imagine.



Founder, designer and developer January 2016 - present Website

I have started underlayer studio with hopes I will be able to run a business all by myself. I worked on a few nice projects. But, it was a tough year. I learned a lot. I saw how business requires a lot of effort so now I can appreciate business people much more.

What I learned

  • How starting my own company looks like.
  • How to run my own company looks like, and how that can be hard.
  • How to better organise myself.

Featured projects

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MemGraph is a young startup that is building next generation graph database system. I designed their logo and overall design language fo app. Also, I was working on designing and coding a web interface that will be used for querying the database, monitoring machines, and monitoring performances.

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Agrivi is agri-tech startup from Croatia. I worked on redesigning their brand identity: a new logo, font, color palette, visual language, and imagery. My primary job was to redesign the web application interface, so I worked with product guys to deliver the best experience for their users. Lastly, I worked on the landing page redesign as well.

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Nickel&swan is a fin-tech startup focused on building innovative software traders and brokers. I worked on designing part of their web application that you can check out live here.


Designer and developer March 2015 - January 2016 Website

Vibby is US based startup, I had a chance to work as lead product designer. I was involved in branding, introducing new product concepts, designing experience and interface, as well as coding HTML and CSS architecture of this large scale web application. Year almost passed, and I saw I gave all that I could to the idea, so I decided I should try to go on my own.

What I learned

  • How working in a startup looks like.
  • How to design a product from the ground.
  • How to be a design lead.
  • How to code large scale front-end architecture.
  • How to work with the team of people who are as old as I.

Featured projects

Vibby player
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Video player that introduced “partial” video bits. It allowed users to watch and comment only on important/highlighted parts of the video.

Vib creation proces
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A simple three step process user had to go through in order to create a “vib” - a shorter form of a video created from its parts.

Grey Entourage

Screen Designer July 2014 - March 2015 Website

In joint venture Gray Entourage, I was involved in advertising projects ranging from designing online advertising materials for clients like Microsoft, Erste Bank, Vipnet and Tomato, to designing urls for TZ Istra and Allianz. After almost a year, and beautiful time I have spent with the team, I got a chance to work fro startup that I couldn't reject.

What I learned

  • How working in a big advertising agency looks like.
  • How to work simultaneously on 100 things.
  • I became Adobe Illustrator ninja.
  • How big clients' campaigns are made. Including everything from filming TV commercials to designing web banners.
  • Some “old” people are way cooler than “young” people.

Featured projects

Vip Xmas Card
Check it out

I was involved in the whole process: from the beginning of ideation and character development to UI design and character illustration.

virtus dizajn

Web designer February 2014 - April 2014 Website

It was my lucky job. They gave me chance me to come back to Zagreb after bad family situation. I worked on a couple of nice urls that I designed and coded. However, the way they have run business didn't fit my view, so I went on the search for another job.

Tocka Agency

Graphic designer July 2013 - September 2013 Website

My first real job. It was short, but I had a great experience. I was learning from them, and made friends along the way.


University of Zagreb - Faculty of Graphic Arts, Croatia

2010 - 2013

Natural sciences & mathematics gymnasium in Požega, Croatia

2006 - 2010


  • Design with a focus on user experience and interactions using Sketch and Photoshop.
  • Prototyping with InVision, Balsamiq mockups and Framer JS.
  • Front-end development with strong orientation on semantic HTML and CSS (Stylus, SCSS) architecture.
  • JavaScript - junior, but learning and growing every day.
  • Comfortable using terminal, git and phabricator.
  • Illustration and drawing artisan.
  • Photography geek.
  • Decent experience with animation in After Effects. Check out.
  • Some experience with 3D modeling.