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Image zoom

Experiment 01 In progress

When i was starting my blog Designer's road, I decided all images should have zoom feature similar to Medium's. Readers should be able to zoom image by clicking or tapping, and it should grow, from any position on the screen to the center of the screen. And I should code it.

I am still new to JS but this was my learning project. I had some crazy ideas how to achive that but non of them worked. So I had to google the solution

And I found few of them:

I need to say fourtanatyl, I had some problems with implementing them in way i wanted to build them.

So I was left to code my own.

You can see the resoult by clicking on image below. Continue on reading if you want to know how i did that, and please leave some comment on how i can imprve it or make my JS code smarter, or better.

Beduin in Wadi Rum desert at nigt
Image i have took in Wadi Rum desert. You can read whole story here